The most prestigious self-proclaimed
attorney given Beer of the Year Award ever!

Do you like good beer?

If so, you will love these beers:

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2021 Winner

Putter Blaster,
Live Oak

ABV: 4.5% | IBU: 32 | OG: 11°P

In collaboration with their homies at Mint Discs, Putter Blaster Pils is brewed with heirloom pilsner malt, 20% American corn grits, and Oregon grown Strata hops. The soft malt profile allows a blast of tropical, herbal, and dank notes from the Strata hops straight to your mouth basket!

Notes: “A Pilsner for IPA fans.”

2020 Winner

Flavor Country,
Austin Beerworks

ABV: 5.9% | IBU: 35

When Austin Beerworks began in 2011 it was impossible to brew this Hoppy Pale Ale. The ingredients weren’t available and the science didn’t exist. Oil rich lupulin powder was just a dream. It brings intense flavor but doesn’t linger, drinks like a hop forward pale ale but doesn’t blow you up and every sip leaves you craving more. It’s so special they had to invent a whole new country to explain it.

Notes: “Smooth and balanced. Welcome to flavor country!”

2019 Winner

The Cryo IPA,
Everybody’s Brewing

ABV: 6.9% | IBU: 80

This award-winning IPA is brewed with Cryo Hops from Yakima Chief Hop Union. Enjoy the huge aroma and juicy flavor from pounds of Mosaic Iupulin powder in the experimental IPA.

Notes: “Just a damn good beer”

2018 Winner

Electric Jellyfish IPA,
Pinthouse Pizza

ABV: 6.5%

Electric Jellyfish is filled with a bright tropical citrus character along with notes of orange, mango, lychee, and a floral backbone. The Jellyfish is a hazy new school IPA focusing on the juicy hop flavor and aroma while keeping the bitterness balanced and refreshing.

Notes: “Flavor Explosion”

2017 Winner

Crush Series IPA,
Reuben’s Brews

ABV: 6%

The Crush Series is a series of juicy, fruity Northeast-style IPAs.

Notes: “Amazing balance and flavor”

2016 Winner

Melvin Brewing

ABV: 6%

Hubert? I’ve heard of him. A friend of a friend knows him. Apparently he’s awesome, but we’ve never met. Well. It’s about time you did. Most you connoisseurs would just call him an IPA, but we call him an MPA. The Melvin Pale Ale. A welcomed hand shake to your taste buds. Light, crisp, fresh and a little bitty bitter. Lets just say he won’t be that jerk that leaves you at the bar at 2am. He’s low in alcohol. What a nice guy… that Hubert.

Notes: “Restored my faith in hoppy beers”

2015 Winner

Nightmare Fuel,
River North Brewery

ABV: 13.5%

American imperial stout with fresh local coffee, whiskey barrel aged.

Notes: “A beer so good, it inspired a medal.
It will wake you up and mess you up”

FAQ’s for Beer Attorney Beer of the Year Award

What is the Beer Attorney Beer of the Year Award?

The most prestigious self-proclaimed attorney given Beer of the Year Award ever!

Do you have to be a Beer Attorney client to win?

Maybe, maybe not. If it tastes good we drink it. Would it help if you are a client? Why not?
You should be a client anyway.

Is this a BJCP judged competition?

What? No, we like to drink beer.

How do you enter to win the BABOTYA?

Make good beer. Invite us to try it.
Cross your fingers.

What are some past Beer of the Year winners?

Why does it matter?
That was then. This is now.
Ok. Fine. We will tell you,
just scroll back up this page.

What is the prize for winning the BABOTYA?

Handshakes, high-fives, bragging rights, and a sweet plaque to hang above your bar all year, so that your friends and enemies know you are not to be messed with.

Will winning the BABOTYA mean anything to my customers?

Choose from the following:

1. Probably not.
2. If they have any taste.
3. Not until you tell them what a big deal it is.
4. Yes, but they’ll likely play it cool,
not wishing to appear over-eager to shower
you with well-earned praise.

When is the winner announced?

When will then become now? Soon.

What styles are eligible?