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Little Symbols, Big Difference

If you’ve ever browsed the aisles of a grocery store, chances are you’ve passed by a few dozen registered trademark symbols without even noticing. Look around right now, wherever you are. Is…

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what are descriptive trademarks

What are Descriptive Trademarks?

So you’ve just been told that you may not be able to register your trademark because it is “descriptive.” What does that even mean? It’s my mark, why am I not allowed to register it? The best place…

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Brewery Superbowl | Cost To Trademark A Name

Super Bowl Trademark and Copyright Issues Explained

Can I Show the Super Bowl at my Brewery? Sounds simple enough right? Just wipe down the bar, turn on the TV, and watch your beloved craft patrons flow in while your taps flow out. Like most things in…

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How to Trademark Liquor & Wine

Although the process of filing for wine and spirits trademarks can differ from that of beer trademarking, we don’t discriminate! At Drumm Law, we are fans of all types of alcohol — beer, wine,…

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How to Name a Beer: Pro Beerno Program Explained

Deciding on a new trademark for your brewery or beer can be an exciting process. However, your trademark should not only represent your brand and help customers identify your beer — but it should…

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How to Trademark Your Beer or Brewery Name

Deciding on a name that requires a trademark can be one of the most exciting parts about starting your own beer company or brewery. However, your trademark should not only represent your brand and…

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Do I Need an Attorney to File a Trademark?

The short answer for anyone wondering if they need a trademark lawyer is this: if you’re wondering, you probably do. But how, exactly, does one know they need a trademark lawyer — and what are some…

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Understanding Beer Law: Distribution Agreements

When you’re starting to look at distributing your beer line to grocery and liquor stores, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to starting to prepare your distribution agreements. The marriage of…

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Liquor Licensing Lawyer: Is It Worth Getting One?

The chances are that if you're starting your own brewery, you will be looking to sell your beer, wine, or liquor in retail (whether locally or nationally). But what many people don’t know is the…

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