The chances are that if you’re starting your own brewery, you will be looking to sell your beer, wine, or liquor in retail (whether locally or nationally). But what many people don’t know is the legal processes that must be in place to start distributing your own line of craft beers. Here is how a liquor licensing lawyer can help.

How a Liquor Licensing Lawyer Can Help When Starting a Business

You must apply for many federal and state licenses when it comes to liquor licensing. When getting started with your own brewery or microbrewery, Drumm Law begins with helping you set up your entity and kickstart the licensing processes from the get-go.

Once the liquor licensing and entity are established, we will review your lease and work to get your establishment open and operating. From there, it’s time to start trademarking your name and your beers.

How to Start Distribution After Establishing a Trademark

After the beers have been trademarked and established, it’s time to start working on distribution. Before you can begin distributing your beer to grocery and liquor stores, it’s essential to have one of our dedicated beer attorneys look over your distribution agreements.

In large part, distribution agreements are very technical documents — governed by each state differently, with particular rules. What sets Drumm Law apart from other law firms is that we can not only help with your distribution agreements, but we have expertise in the area. We can even help with movie placement contracts — one of our beers was in Marvel’s Avengers: End Game!

Hire Drumm Law as Your Liquor Licensing Lawyer

At Drumm Law, we’re proud to offer trademark attorneys with expertise in the area of beer, breweries, and brew pubs. We work with all of our clients to help them efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Select and file proper trademark applications
  • Undergo trademark clearance searches
  • Defend/file trademark application prosecution
  • Monitor trademark usage and maintenance
  • Conduct intellectual property audits
  • And more!

Our liquor licensing lawyers can help your brewery navigate the legal processes you need to know in the industry.