The short answer for anyone wondering if they need a trademark lawyer is this: if you’re wondering, you probably do. But how, exactly, does one know they need a trademark lawyer — and what are some of the benefits?

It’s important that you protect your brand. Whether you have a new product, service, or an entirely new company, it’s important to establish and protect your identity. After all, it’s the very first thing any of your customers (or potential customers) come into contact with.

For starters, finding the right trademark lawyer from the get-go can help eliminate any potential headaches from the jump. When you’re first starting your company, the right trademark attorney can help you establish not only your entity, but any trademarks, copyrights, logos, etc. right away. Drumm Law can help walk you through that process.

Once your brand is properly established and filed, you will then have exclusive rights to your business name, in your industry. And if anyone uses that name, Drumm Law can help you shut them down as you have the established rights.

About Drumm Law 

At Drumm Law, we’re proud to offer trademark attorneys with expertise in the area of beer, breweries and brew pubs. We work with all of our clients to help them efficiently, and cost-effectively:

  • Select and file proper trademark applications
  • Undergo trademark clearance searches
  • Defend/file trademark application prosecution
  • Monitor trademark usage and maintenance
  • Conduct intellectual property audits
  • And more…

Contact a beer attorney to find out how Drumm Law can help with your beer trademarking processes.