Deciding on a new trademark for your brewery or beer can be an exciting process. However, your trademark should not only represent your brand and help customers identify your beer — but it should also be airtight in securing and defending your products or brand. Here is more on how to name a beer and register a trademark.

How to Name a Beer

It’s essential to start by choosing a strong trademark. It should not only offer greater protectability (and lessen the risk of potential infringements and challenges) but also be aesthetically pleasing and recognizable to your audience.

When selecting the right attorney to help you with your trademarking process, there can be a lot of information and steps to digest. That’s why, at Drumm Law, we offer our signature Pro Beerno program.

What is Pro Beerno Program?

Our Pro Beerno program is simple: we’ll do one free trademark for any brewery or beer company. The catch? There is no catch — just pay the filing fee, and aside from that, there are absolutely no strings attached.

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Work With Drumm Law to Name Your Beer & Register Your Trademark

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