State Distribution Laws


License Needed to Self-Distribute: Yes
Statute: Burns Ind. Code Ann. § 7.1-3-2-7

Indiana Statute

Brewers who hold a brewers permit in Indiana are permitted to self-distribute up to 30,000 barrels of beer per year, provided that they do not produce more than 90,000 barrels of beer (among all locations) per year for sale in Indiana.

Indiana does not have many laws governing the relationship between wholesalers and distributors, but it does generally prohibit discrimination between purchasers of alcoholic beverages (i.e. brewers can’t grant discounts to certain wholesalers). It is also illegal for a brewer or wholesaler to terminate a distribution agreement “unfairly and without due regard for the equities of the other party.”

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Fun Fact: In Indiana, it is illegal for grocery stores and convenience stores to sell cold beer (liquor stores alone can).