Your Connect subscription includes up to one 15 minute phone call for legal questions.

Substantive legal work is not included in the Connect program. Your Connect Program also doesn’t include any phone calls for ongoing projects or ongoing issues (i.e. if an issue or project requires multiple communications). Connect is intended for new legal questions and inquiries. It’s designed so that you can feel free to ask one-off or miscellaneous questions (or even dumb questions) that come up from time to time without having to stop and think “oh, is it worth the legal fee?”

Sure! But if it is for the same subject matter, you will be charged hourly for anything over 15 minutes.

Simply click here and enter your name and email address: We will then receive your submission and send you a confirmation email of your subscription.

Connect subscriptions last one year from the date you sign up. When your one-year subscription is about to expire, we will email you a reminder to renew for another year.

You can ask any business-related legal questions you want! Our attorneys are ready to help with any and all of your legal questions.

You can cancel your Connect subscription any time by emailing You will be refunded a pro-rated amount for the number of months remaining in your subscription at the time we receive your cancellation request.