Brian Dunn, Great Divide Brewing Company
Drumm Law has been very helpful to us over the past few years for our trademark work. They have taken a big work load off the brewery and we can count on the work being excellent.

Jeffrey Stuffings, Jester King Brewery
Drumm Law has been really excellent for us. They’ve helped us with trademark, corporate and securities law, and the results have been stellar. They are smart, responsive, easy to work with, and cost effective.

Chris Hill, Odyssey Beerwerks
As the founder and CEO of a small business, the guidance we have received from Mike and his team has been invaluable. They have helped us protect our brand and avoid trademark disputes in a crowded industry. Additionally, the Beer Attorney team has assisted us with a variety of other issues that occasionally present themselves for a small business such as distribution agreements, contract negotiation, staffing issues, strategic direction, and more. They have always provided prompt, professional, and relatable counsel – just what you want in a lawyer.

Matt Hess, River North Brewery
I have been working with Drumm Law for several years now. They have provided legal guidance to my company on many occasions, including filing trademarks and reviewing commercial leases. I don’t think my business would be where it is today without the help of Mike Drumm and his team. They are great to work with, and more importantly, great at what they do.

Doug Constantiner, Societe Brewing Company
Mike Drumm and his team are the definition of what craft beer attorneys are. They are our counterpart in the legal world. While they still maintain a high level of professionalism they’re not the standard corporate legal firms you might deal with or may have heard of before you started your brewery. Mike and his team bring a casual sense to any project while still executing with a very high level of expertise and knowledge.

Adam Robbings, Reuben’s Brews LLC
Mike and his team provide awesome support for our brewery. They have coverage in a wide variety of legal areas, which means that any advice we need they are there to help. I always recommend Drumm Law to breweries looking for legal advice!

Mike Hess, Mike Hess Brewing
Mike Drumm, a great attorney in his own right, has assembled a great team of attorneys, paralegals and assistants that have been great to work with – not only on trademark issues, but also contract law, and our other business concerns. On top of that, he’s a fun guy to hang out with when the work is done and it’s time to grab a beer.

Michael McGovern, Austin Beerworks
Mike Drumm and his team have been great to work with.  They understand keeping costs down.  Trademark searches for new potential names are quick and filing expenses are kept to a minimal.  The few trademark issues we’ve had have been handled quickly and efficiently allowing me to focus on my job.

Jonathan Baker, Monday Night Brewing
The whole team at Drumm Law has been great to work with. They understand the needs of breweries, their billing is reasonable, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re all beer lovers themselves. We now use them for all of our trademark and copyright needs.

Michiel Heynekamp, Eddyline Brewery (2016 to 2019)
Drumm law has been a valuable business partner that provides a fast and cost-effective solution to all our trademark needs and defenses.  Their insight and knowledge of the industry has proven valuable in our strategy forward.  Always responsive, always friendly, always competent.

Paul Reiter, Great Notion Brewing
Mike and his team of craft beer law and trademark law attorneys have been a huge asset to Great Notion Brewing! They are experts in making sure you claim and keep your marks and in helping guide you through the crazy world of hazy IPAs adjunct stouts from a legal perspective!

Suzy Shaffer, Blue Owl Brewing
Mike and his crew are extremely helpful and responsive to our questions and needs. They are not only thorough with each situation we face (and you encounter A LOT of different situations in the beer copyright/trademark world) but bring a personal touch. We are definitely in good hands with Drumm Law.

Charlie Berger, Denver Beer Company
Mike and his team have been instrumental in helping us navigate the ever more relevant area of trademark law and IP protection. We are thrilled to have their knowledge and expertise in our corner.

Scott Kaplan, Ratio Beerworks
Working with Mike, Trent, and the team could not have been easier.  They are very knowledgeable and affordable and take the time with us on each trademark and legal issue, while also looking for opportunities to help improve your business along the way.

Brian Hutchinson, Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
Mike Drumm and the BeerAttorney.com team were able to secure our trademark when other law firms said it couldn’t be done.  Mike has his finger on the pulse of the craft beer community, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be happier with our Beer Attorneys and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

Chris “Belle” Bell, Call to Arms Brewing Co.
We have always loved working with Drumm Law. Mike is a great guy who knows craft beer inside and out. He approaches law in the same way that we approach beer, seriously while still being fun.

Skull Mechanix | Beer Attorney

Jeff Willis, Skull Mechanix Brewing (2016 to 2020)
Mike Drumm and Associates are the best in the business! Their experience and professionalism are second to none. We highly recommend their services.

Scott Yeates, Mythology Distillery
Drumm Law has been a key part of our team to secure trademarks and protect the brand that we have created. Their efficiency allows us to focus on what’s most important to us – producing high quality spirits!

Intergalactic Brewing | Business Attorney

Alex Van Horne, Intergalactic Brewing Company (2015 to 2018)
Mike and team are my go to guys and gals for our trademark work and have helped us out in various sticky situations. It’s easy to find a lawyer, it’s harder to find one who also sneaks you into beer festivals you were not invited to.

Josh Hare, Hops & Grain Brewing
Mike and the team at Drumm Law have been awesome to work with over the past few years.  They have provided us with security and peace of mind knowing that our trademark filings are in the right hands.

Whitney Way, City Star Brewing
Drumm Law has made navigating the legal business waters easy. The Drumm Law crew is a pleasure to work with, fast, efficient and fair. We can focus on brewing delicious beer knowing that our legal needs are taken of.

Sarah Haney, Adelbert’s Brewery
We enjoyed working with Drumm Law for our trademark. They made the process quick and painless while providing me updates throughout the process. In addition, the team is always super friendly when I see them at beer industry events. I highly recommend them for your trademark or similar needs.

Chris Dutton, Front Range Brewing Company
The associates at Drumm Law have proven invaluable as I traverse the various legalities of running my brewery. They are always professional, courteous, and timely in their responses.

Ryan Scott, Odd13 Brewing (2014 to 2021)
We have worked with Mike and the other fine folks at Drumm Law on a variety of things from IP to distribution agreements. They do a great job and Mike is an excellent podcast guest.

Lost Highway | Craft Beer Lawyer

Tina Pachorek, Lost Highway Brewing Company (2015 to 2019)
Drumm Law has been instrumental in helping Lost Highway Brewing Company moving into packaging.  From Trademarks to Distributor Contracts, they have guided us in the right direction.

Haley Keller, Peddler Brewing Company
Drumm Law has helped us navigate the Trademark game with ease, highly recommend.

Jeremy Hubbell, Geaux Brewing
I can’t recommend Mike and his team more highly. When we had to take on a (much) larger brewery over a trademark dispute, they skillfully represented our interests and got us what we wanted. Without them, I think we would have had to give up at least a portion of our branding and identity. Drumm Law is great at what they do, fair in their pricing, and just an overall great group of folks to work with.

Biff Morehead, Smiling Toad Brewery
Drumm Law has been a great asset for Smiling Toad Brewery. We tasked them with registering and trademark names of our beers. They walked us through the whole process, happily responding quickly to all our questions. These guys are the best and Smiling Toad will talk again. And we suggest everyone use Mike Drumm, Beer Attorney.

Troy Casey, Casey Brewing and Blending
Drumm Law has been instrumental in teaching and facilitating our trademark law work. It todays world, this has never been more important to securing the future of our business.

Jacob Landry, Urban South Brewery
Drumm Law has been a great partner for Urban South. We work with them for all of our federal trademark needs, and they’ve never let us down!

David Waldman, Triton Brewing Company
The Beer Attorney, Mike Drumm, has been an exceptionally helpful member of our team. He is responsible for securing the trademarks for a number of our brands, including Rail Splitter IPA®, our flagship brand. More importantly, he successfully secured the trademark for Triton Brewing Company® (and our corporate logo) after we had spent a significant amount of resources and failed to secure them with the help other legal representation. We would highly recommend the Beer Attorney for your trademarking needs!

Laron Cheek, Rabbit Hole Brewing, LLC (2015 to 2019)
Mike and the Beer Attorney’s at Drumm Law are our go-to team when dealing with Intellectual Property and Trademarks. They’re easy to work with and get the job done.

Ray Veillet, Breakside Brewery
I’ve worked with Drumm law to handle Breakside intellectual property matters.  As an attorney, I’m careful to select only the best and most experienced attorney’s to represent Breakside.  The Drumm law team has always provided excellent advice for our projects and I have always enjoyed working with them.  From a cost standpoint, they are hand downs the most cost effective law firm I’ve worked with for trademark and copyright projects.

RJ Banat, Jagged Mountain Brewery
We have worked with Mike and his team for years. They are professional, knowledgeable, and prompt, and have been a great resource for us as our brewery and the craft beer industry have grown and matured.

Christine Ellenberger, Everybody’s Brewing
Drumm Law is quick to respond and has been a great help with reviewing contracts for our team. We appreciate their help and look forward to building a relationship with their firm.

David Lin, Comrade Brewing Co
Mike and the team have a serious passion for beer and protecting independent breweries’ intellectual property. Responsiveness is second to none and have completed work that my previous counsel was unable to accomplish. We’re very excited to continue our relationship with Mike as our company grows.

Rassul Zarinfar, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co
Mike is an incredible lawyer and a great guy too. He has gotten me out of quite a few jams, and I can’t express enough how lucky I am to have him in my corner.
He always takes the time to listen and truly understand each unique situation and drill into the core issues with insight perfectly tailored to me (not just cookie-cutter advice in passing). He has deep industry experience and brings it to bear with expert analysis that is a step ahead of the rest.
His work ethic is insane and compels me to be my best when working with him. He’s also a creative, lateral thinker like none other, and I’ve gotten myself into some really weird jams over the years and he always brings an angle that no one else has thought of.
Again, I can’t adequately express how fortunate I am to have him on my team.