Ethan’s love of craft beer began in Colorado, where he lives and practices. His failures at home brewing have only increased his appreciation of living in the craft beer meccas that is his adopted home state. His goal is to one day have a hat from every brewery he’s visited.

Ethan was born in Alaska, but moved to Colorado when he was young and has never found a reason to leave. He still visits Alaska, and loves seeing the surprise on people’s faces when he tells them he is from there. In Colorado, Ethan spends his time hiking, skiing and relaxing in the great outdoors, and can frequently be found in the mountains with his wonderful wife and their two spoiled pups.

Ethan lives in Colorado and is admitted to practice law only in Colorado.

Fun Facts:

  • Ethan drove a Zamboni in college, and is better at that than he is at ice skating.
  • Despite being from Alaska, Ethan is a terrible fisherman.
  • Ethan’s first homebrew made his wife sick. He has since improved his sanitization methods.
  • Ethan first began skiing when he was 2, and hasn’t stopped since.

Ethan Larson

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