Thomas Weber

Thomas is an attorney based in the beer-rich metro of Denver, Colorado. Before starting at BeerAttorney.com, Thomas worked as a bartender at a local brewery. He met his wife while bartending in law school. An Iowa native (Go Hawks), Thomas grew up on light beers, but likes to think his palate is maturing. Thomas’s favorite beers are Hazy IPAs, Lagers, and Pilsners. Thomas enjoys many of the incredible activities Colorado has to offer, including skiing and rafting. He loves spending time outdoors with his awesome wife and dog.

Thomas is admitted to practice law only in Colorado.

Fun Facts:

  • Thomas is in a local band that includes his wife, three brothers, and one honorary brother.
  • Thomas loves baseball and has played it since he can remember.
  • Thomas’ favorite sports team is the University of Iowa football team. His wife’s entire family went to the University of Iowa State. They do not like Thomas’ favorite sports team – it’s a work in progress.

Thomas Weber
303-968-1900 Ext. 709

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